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first season (1984-1985)

  1. pilot episode, Armed and Extremely Dangerous (2 hours)
  2. The Squeeze
  3. Lucky Streak
  4. Given to Acts of Violence
  5. Hors de Combat
  6. Nowhere to Run
  7. Make Peace, Not War
  8. Blind Eye
  9. Cry God For Harry
  10. Judgement

second season (1985-1986)

  1. Silver Dollar
  2. Wheelman
  3. Love You To Death 
  4. No Surrender
  5. Tequila Sunrise
  6. Blood Money
  7. Set a Thief
  8. The Hit
  9. In the Dark
  10. The Boogieman

third season (1986-1987)

  1. The Burning, part I
  2. The Burning, part II
  3. Jerricho Scam
  4. The Prizefighter
  5. Extreme Prejudice
  6. Bid of Prey
  7. Out of Darkness
  8. The Cortez Connection
  9. Mantrap
  10. Guardian Angel   <LAST>

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